A basement dweller who only plays video games and watches cartoons. a sad excuse for a person with his long blond hair that he ties up in a ponytail. NOT A MAN BUN. if you meet this boy best to stay away. back up 10 feet and call the authoritys.
man that gamer introvert is such a Carsten
by A_ guy September 13, 2017
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Loves men. Realllllyyyyy loves men. Carsten is gay.
This dude sucked my dick last week,”
“Wow, must be a Carsten.”
by PheoboBuffay November 15, 2017
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A white teachers pet who is obsessed with science. He is also obsessed with tech decking and plays with them a day and night. At age 11 he has a full beard and has a 2 inch long penis when erect all his life. Also picks up many whores and drives pimpin' rides.
Carsten: "ohh I havent techdecked in like 2 minutes, and my penis hurts. I need to pick up some hoes in my pimpin' ride"
by Peter Louthan 2 March 25, 2009
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The sort of person to leave tortilla chips all over their bedroom floor, order electronics wholesale from china, and “accidentally” send you links to porn. Overall though he’s wonderful person who just wants everyone to be happy and content. He’ll go far out of his way just to make your day a bit more bearable. Be forewarned though, he’s awful at keeping secrets!
Damn, i’m so glad i got with Carsten, he’s a real keeper!
by lemon jelly! November 21, 2019
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Carsten, or Karsten, is a name that depicts the literal meaning of shit. Its use is widespread across the world as a synonym for human feces. Over the years the word has also been used in the context of vomit, among other gross phenomenons.
Dude, i just took the biggest "carsten" the world has ever seen.

Yo Henrik, you're so sexy and handsome. You're way cooler than the rest of the school, they're all carstens.
by dachtata August 24, 2020
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