another word for the best girl in the existence of life. she makes you laugh, smile, and feel happy whenever you're around her. also, shes super sexy. she cares so much about you, and means the world to you. everyone should agree with this. if you don't, sucks for you.
"Do you see that girl?"
"Yeah, thats a Carmin, and she's all mine"
by call_me_cabbage January 8, 2012
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The most beautiful girl ever thats super weird always needs attention, has the most gorgeous heart that you will ever come in contact with, gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. She light up a room with just being there and she just makes everyone better. She is freaking dope and deserves nothing but respect and love and honesty. ohh and she got a pretty cute butt. you are so blessed if you got a Carmin
dammmmm your girl is Carmin damm you lucky
by they have been bussssyyy December 12, 2019
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Carmine is a crazy, loveable, caring, cute guy who gets in trouble a lot but when we wants to he can be really sweet and kindhearted. Everyone should have a friend/boyfriend named Carmine. I love him with all of my heart. If you don’t have a Carmine in your life you need to get one.
Girl 1- “Wow is that Carmine?”
Girl 2- “Yeah isnt he just the cutest?”
by Carmine’s girl July 18, 2018
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A strong passionate intelligent human being, who Has a brave soul . Normally very handsome and a sexual beast! The biggest asshole you will ever meet but also with the biggest heart. Probably one of the rawest and realist person you will ever meet
guy#1 - this girl don't want to talk to me anymore .
Carmine- yea, that's cause you have a small baby dick .

Guy#1- why do you always have to make fun of my problem :(
Carmine - I got you, you can bang my sister !
by Silly Sally Salads January 31, 2016
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A sweet, caring, loving guy with a good heart and very forgiving. Also vey lazy.
by rawr1234x October 15, 2010
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Anthony Carmine is a member of Delta Squad in the video game Gears of War. He is K.I.A. since he got sniped by a locust in one of the first missions of the storyline. Voted "most likely to get shot" in the COG military academy, he's the only one in Delta Squad to wear a helmet. He's a fan favourite, so you'll see a COG team full of Carmines in the multiplayer every now and then.

In Gears of War 2, Benjamin Carmine, Anthony's brother, makes an appearance. He has a very similar outfit (and a helmet), but expected to have a change in personality.
"I've got a problem, something's wrong with this thing. It keeps jammin'! See?" Boom! *gets shot in the head*

Carmine's awesome quote: "SHIT yeah!!"
by Abdurrahman October 29, 2008
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disposables henchmen in gears of war with cool helmets; the rule is to follow the alphabetical order, and watch how violently they die. Rules are rules.
Use it in whatever is disposable
Dom: Yo, Marcus, A.Carmine is dead!!
MArcus: so? bring B. carmine

guy 1:we ran out batteries
guy 2: let me buy some carmine
by cervantres May 28, 2009
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