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If you know a carlina chances are she's brightened your day more than a few times with her bubbly, awkward yet cute sense of humor. In fact Carlinas can make anyone laugh. She'll steal your heart with her adorable laugh and drag you in for good with her captivating eyes. You can never be bored talking to a Carlina, everything she says will make you laugh and put you in a good mood
Dude 1: did you hear carlina at dinner?
Dude 2: who didn't? She had everyone laughing!
by James jessie March 07, 2014
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a bootlylicous girl that will never let you forget. she is always "moving, shaking, and dropping". she also never wears "baggy shit" only tight stuff that makes her ass look even bigger. she often will prance around in YOUR shorts, and hump your dining room walls. beware of her bad temper, cuz she can and will cut you.
i need you and your carlina to slip into my bed.

boy 1- did you see that girls carlina?!?!
boy 2- how couldnt i, it took up half the room?!
by hott ass chick March 07, 2010
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Most likely one of the coolest people you will ever meet. She is often confused and doesn't know what she wants. Sort of nerdy but has no idea when it comes to social knowledge. She is extremely bouncy and can't sit still for more than a few minutes. Get's attached to you easily and very often scares off her victims. She also enjoys using new words and phrases that are just simply lame. She also likes to think everyone is her best friend, when in fact, 90% of the people she knows pretend not to know her but that's just because they are just jealous that she is so wicked cool.
Person One: Duuuude, who is that new chick she seem's a bit weird.
Person Two: Yeah she seem's like she could be a Carlina.
Person One: So I said hi to this girl once and now I think she's in love with me.
Person Two: Oh maan you just said hi with a Carlina.
by wakkkkk March 18, 2010
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She just annoying but pretty,smart,and has amazing teeth
Carlina is not perfect but cool
by Natasha orr June 24, 2018
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This girl dies her hair way too much...she is very skinny in a very unattactive way. She thinks she is the shit, when she is the biggest bitch you will ever meet. She judges everyone. She is that girl that everyone knows she is crazy. She is a huge slut but thinks she is an angel and always starts drama. Carlina is crazy, not a good crazy...guys knows she puts out so they try to take advantage of that until they realize that they are getting into the Carlina death trap. She is a stalker and I wouldn't doubt if she is bipolar. She takes way too many selfies on fact her whole Instagram is of half her face and a push up bra. Don't even get me started on how she thinks she is soooo hot. She never, gets guy she wants (who she most likely stalks) She Pierced her belly button, which looks like a nipple in the middle of her stomach. She had no friends for a reason. She thinks she has huge boobs and ass...hahah please. If you ever meet a Carlina...avoid her at all cost she is a crazy bitch. I warned you. She belongs in a mental hospital. Poor girl.
"Have you met Carlina?"
"No but I heard of her, she is crazy. Like everyone makes fun if her and hates her"

"She brings it on herself"

Carlina the anorexic slut bitch
by What everyone thinks June 06, 2013
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A girl with scales. You can find her latest gossip in Carlina's fishtank. She will probably babble on about her life and how fabulous she is for hours until you want to blow your head off with a pistol because her voice is so high pitched and squeaky. She also sticks her B32's way out in photos to look like she has a nice rack, when really her premature LG breasts are already sagging. Every photo she has of herself is edited to the point where you can't even see her facial features, just her peircing hollow eyes and vibrant white skin. she has gappy teeth and the forehead of beetlejuice. As Regina George would say, "she is a fugly slut". also, she will probably steal your boyfriend.

Carlina also likes to think everyone is her best friend, when in fact, 90% of the people she knows fucking hate her ugly ass fish guts.
Girl: "hey man, i though you were in that picture?"
Girl 2: " I was... but Carlina cropped me out while editing it...."
by awesomekillingweiner344 August 23, 2009
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