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Nelvana's terrible mutilation of the Japanese anime Cardcaptor Sakura, which provided audiences in America with a plot that was completely screwed around with, select episodes that were completely cut out, and a terrible, terrible English dub. The author is a fan of the original Japanese anime as well as the manga, produced in the states by the Tokyopop company, whom she feels did a good job with it- unfortunately, the anime was not such a good move at all. Were it in more capable hands, it may have fared better.
I'll never forgive Nelvana for what they did to Touya and Yukito...
by NeNay April 24, 2004
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Basically is Card Captor Sakura horribly dubbed into English.The 70 episodes of Card Captor Sakura were cut to 38.It's horrible.The names were changed,the dubbing is horrible,the characters now look like retards,even the nice opening Catch You Catch Me was changed in an horrible song!!!!!See.Some Examples:
Sakura Kinomoto:Sakura Avalon
Li-Syaoran or Li-kun:Li Showron(it sounds like moron for me)or JUST Li

Nelvana cut some things,like for example a scene with Li-kun eating chocolate,or Sakura melting for Yukito....

In conclusion,it's an abomination compared to the great Card Captor Sakura
CC:SaKUra,that's how they pronounce Sakura in Cardcaptors

Cardcaptors suck!!!
by Iseria's Final Aeon September 12, 2005
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American translation of CCS. They bastardized it, in short. Removing a good portion of the episodes, removing a good portion of the actual episodes, and even changing the title music! Bastards...
I downloaded a whole episode of the original CCS just to see the diffrences between that and the shit remake.
by ExKay July 21, 2003
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A crappy anime with stupid chracters and bad music. whereas Card Captor Sakura is very good anime.
loser 1:Hey let's go watch Cardcaptors.
losor 2:After that we'll watch MTV and go support George Bush.
loser 1: yeah!
by Robert July 07, 2004
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The best Cartoon cn the planet, even if it is dubbed by ass-hole Americans who think us Canadians still live in igloos.
by Sakura Avalon January 10, 2005
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A game in which someone catches a thrown playing card between his/her ass cheeks
that fat ass totally lost my ace of spades whilst playing cardcaptor
by KevinYarris December 29, 2007
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Cardcaptors is about a ten year old girl named Sakura Avalon, One day Sakura opened the magic book of clow and scattered the cards all over the world, then a creature appeared out of the book and said that my name is kero and you have been selected as a cardcaptor. So Sakura began her quest to collect the clow cards, A quest which is not as easy as you may think.

The clow cards are wanted by people who want them for themseleves, or the cards will fight against the cardcaptor making it even more difficult to capture.

Cardcaptors has many different charcters besides Sakura, there is Tori Avalon, Sakura's older brother, he can sense magic but does not have the amount of power Sakura has, Li Showron a desendant of Clow Reed he is strong at first he wanted the clow cards for himself but later on he works with Sakura to collect all of the clow cards. There is also Maddsion Taylor, Mei Ling Rae both who know that Sakura is a cardcaptor but both do not any magical abilities.

Cardcaptors has a great stroyline, the detail put into the charcters and the storyline is brilliant.
Cardcaptors is class
by Lee June 07, 2004
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