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Vacation taken with your car, in which the car is the main reason for the trip, ie car show, bikini car wash marathon, trip to pick up parts.
Looks like a vacation to an unsuspecting person, but really a ploy to drive all over creation to visit car lovers places, such as car shows, car museums, and car auctions.
Guy1: "So what are you doing this weekend?"
Guy2: Taking The Girlfriend To Key West
Guy2: Nope There's A Gathering OF The Stangs
Guy1: Aww Man I Wanna Go On A Carcation!!!
by squirreltoucher4ever January 23, 2012
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When you avoiding the person you live or life by doing everything physically possible within your car first when you get home from work. Having a mini holiday in your car.
On the walk home I spotted 3 people on carcations, one was playing on his phone, another was eating a bag of chips and the third just looked at the house with a sense of dread.
by Sazzy J December 17, 2015
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