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A YouTuber who makes Gaming videos (mostly Minecraft) which get a large amount of views. He works with many other YouTubers. He makes musical parody's of songs such as "Revenge" a parody of "DJ got us falling in love again" by Usher. And "TNT" a parody of "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. He is a
Youtube and Machinima partner.
Amazing YouTuber who is great at games.

Boy 1: "Wow, Captain Sparklez is amazing at video games!"

Boy 2: "I know right!"
by ALPHASAMMICH October 16, 2011
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Jordan Maron or otherwise known as CaptainSparklez is a youtuber who also works with Machinima, He is a super sweet loving guy. He has his hair up in a "fo-hawk" For some he is also "socialy awkward" Others might just thing his as another hot youtuber. He loves to play Minecraft Call Of Duty Zombies. He is easily scared and just a fun guy to prank once in a while. Whenever you get to meet him, try to scare the hell out of him. hehe.
Girl 1: OMG Its Captain Sparklez like the most awesome guy ever!
Girl 2: I now right and his hair is sooo HAWT!
by Mrs. Sparkly girl July 03, 2013
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The best youtuber alive! Captainsparklez is the only sense of joy many people get in this world. Enjoy him before Tom killed him because Jordan is better at everything.
Captainsparklez is better than you.
by DontTalkToMePeasants November 15, 2016
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