A spin-off of the popular war game Call of Duty, which since World at War, Zombies has grown to be almost more popular than CoD. Even though there is no save and their are usually many glitches, it may be the only thing that could keep Treyarch making Call of Duty. (Treyarch should REALLY make a campaign for Zombies.)
Player 1: OH MY GOD, how did that zombie hit me with NO ARM? I Fl_l(l<ING HATE THIS GAME.

Player 2: Yeah. Do you wanna play again?

Player 1: Yeah! I friggen love Call Of Duty Zombies!
by Dead End Productions July 10, 2011
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Used in Call of Duty Nazi Zombies when a zombie hits you twice in very rapid succession, usually by swinging both arms.
"damn it, he michael phelped me." (michael phelps (call of duty nazi zombies))
by Fan of yoteslaya October 20, 2011
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A deadly game in which the victims will take a shot of vodka after every game of call of duty zombies and creates a never ending loop where the victims drinks faster and faster as the liqour makes them more impaired after every game.
Dude 1:I almost died last night after playing the call of duty zombies drinking game until 3 am.
Dude 2:I know I've played that before it is deadly game especially after you hit 10th shot.
by Dan the car guy August 17, 2019
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