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Capriccio — a too-sweet bottled mix of carbonated wine and fruit juice — is the “it” drink of summer, the drunken fad that is following in the footsteps of its predecessors: Smirnoff Ice, Zima, Mike’s Hard Lemonade and Four Loko. In fact, people on social media are calling Capriccio “Fancy Four Loko,” after the canned alcoholic energy drink that was ultimately banned in several states for its intoxicating mixture of booze, caffeine, taurine (an ingredient in Red Bull) and guarana (a stimulant found in diet pills). Capriccio contains none of those ingredients except for the booze, but it seems to have had a similar effect on people.
(Capriccio) is a very wild drink!!!!!

Haliey: "Hey jessie you still have some of that Capriccio drink at your house?"

jessie: "yeah girl you sure u want some of that!!!!!"

Haliey:"yeah what's wrong with it!!!!!!"

jessie: "girl that drink makes you go crazy i when i got drunk of from it i texted my ex bf last friday!!!!!"

Haliey: "Omg Jess that's crazy stupid lol"
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by Heaven Manning December 26, 2018
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A chibi person who seems to enjoy pummeling me when I walk into #BngFightclub. O_o

*Capriccio Tackles Mon*
by Mon February 16, 2005
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