A polite way of calling someone a 'cunt'. Bitch with a capital 'B' would be a super bitch, bitch on wheels, etc. Bitch with a capital 'C' ('C' being the first letter in 'cunt') is a clever way to get around saying the word 'cunt' in mixed or professional company.

For full effect, when saying this about someone, be sure to exercise the proper body language. I.e. raise one eyebrow, give a 'knowing' look, and slightly nod your head. Afterwards, follow up by saying, "You know what I'm saying?" and continue nodding to gain agreement from your audience.
Senator Clinton thinks she's all that, but really she's nothing but a bitch with a capital 'C'.

Lurlene think I's gonna work overtime tonite off da clock jus so she can make her bonus? Shiiiit! She be smoking som'tin. She ain't nuttin but a byatch with a capital 'C'.
by cagedape July 11, 2009
Better known as "Strawman with a Capital S", "The Strawman who Stole Christmas", "Crap with a Capital C", and various other titles (as noted by various YouTube comments), Christmas with a Capital C is a straight-to-DVD movie releasing on December 2010 where an antagonist; a Satan-loving, hate spewing, gay-agenda pushing, godless, Christ-hating, evil Muslim neo-Nazi heathen ATHEIST (who comes from a big city) moves into a small town and tries to obliterate Christmas for everyone by promoting tolerance towards non-Christians by trying to get the town's Christians to place nativity scenes on private instead of public property. The small town's inhabitants, who recognize Jesus as the primary founding father of the United States of America, are deeply offended by this sheer breach on their rights to endorse religion in the government, and need to ensure that the evil ATHEIST does not rewrite history nor leave out God this holiday season. In the end, even someone as deprived and sinful as the heathen atheist finds Jesus and is healed by his power.

The movie's completely accurate portrayal of atheism and secularism are one of the reasons it is going straight to DVD and will not have a theatrical release, to avoid Biblical Truth™ from offending the masses.

While there is clearly no debate on the power of stupidity in large groups, there is plenty of debate on whether or not the film is a parody of Christianity, thus putting the context and sarcasm of this definition at scrutiny.
Have you heard about that one movie coming out this holiday going straight to DVD about how some atheist guy moves into a small town? It was 'Christmas with a Capital C' or something, but the trailer doesn't even come up on YouTube without searching 'movie' or 'trailer'.
by t3hb1gb0i November 20, 2010
Wow, you should have seen her last night Richard... a real capital c.. ewww..
by Petesbeeps September 8, 2017
Wow, you should have seen her last night Richard... a real capital c.. ewww..
by Petesbeeps September 8, 2017