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Better known as "Strawman with a Capital S", "The Strawman who Stole Christmas", "Crap with a Capital C", and various other titles (as noted by various YouTube comments), Christmas with a Capital C is a straight-to-DVD movie releasing on December 2010 where an antagonist; a Satan-loving, hate spewing, gay-agenda pushing, godless, Christ-hating, evil Muslim neo-Nazi heathen ATHEIST (who comes from a big city) moves into a small town and tries to obliterate Christmas for everyone by promoting tolerance towards non-Christians by trying to get the town's Christians to place nativity scenes on private instead of public property. The small town's inhabitants, who recognize Jesus as the primary founding father of the United States of America, are deeply offended by this sheer breach on their rights to endorse religion in the government, and need to ensure that the evil ATHEIST does not rewrite history nor leave out God this holiday season. In the end, even someone as deprived and sinful as the heathen atheist finds Jesus and is healed by his power.

The movie's completely accurate portrayal of atheism and secularism are one of the reasons it is going straight to DVD and will not have a theatrical release, to avoid Biblical Truth™ from offending the masses.

While there is clearly no debate on the power of stupidity in large groups, there is plenty of debate on whether or not the film is a parody of Christianity, thus putting the context and sarcasm of this definition at scrutiny.
Have you heard about that one movie coming out this holiday going straight to DVD about how some atheist guy moves into a small town? It was 'Christmas with a Capital C' or something, but the trailer doesn't even come up on YouTube without searching 'movie' or 'trailer'.
by t3hb1gb0i November 20, 2010
Water Warfare, unbeknownst to most, is a wargame/hobby played in a similar manner to Paintball, Airsoft, Nerf, & Laser Tag, involving pressurized water guns, balloons, refill bottles, balloon launchers, hoses, buckets, and/or other water dispensing equipment. T he game as a whole is generally restricted to close quarters combat, resulting in demanding, fast paced games that require different tactics & strategies.

Counting hits can be tricky, w/ a few ways to do it. Worn targets may be used, or the honor system relied upon. Despite tricky water approximation, most groups work w/ the honor system. Objectives can be anything from elimination to capture-the-flag, & games are played almost anywhere outdoors by anyone. The equipment also costs far less than for other wargames.

Assassins is also often played w/ water guns, but these games are Assassins, not Water Wars. Assassins is no more of a Paintball game when played w/ markers than it is a water war w/ water guns.

Tryhards & tough guys often look down upon Water Warfare, stating preference to the more expensive war games simply because "they hurt", as if that makes them tougher. Others are insecure, thinking that carrying a water gun makes them childlike. However, many dislike Water Warfare for legitimate reasons, such as the difficulty of counting hits & the close-range constraint. The nature of Water Warfare combat is very distinct from other games which some enjoy & some do not, though many have never played it.
To prepare for Water Warfare in the summer, Bob built a water balloon shelter in his backyard, stocked with water refill bottles, CPS 2500's, Monster XL's, and a various collection of homemade PVC water cannons and water balloon launchers.
by t3hb1gb0i March 6, 2011
The reason you were teamkilled shortly after starting a game of Big Team Battle in Halo.
After DoucheWank9000 betrayed omn0mBabies666 for the sniper rifle, omn0mBabies666 respawned and followed him for the rest of the game, constantly shooting down his shields, walking in front of him while he was aiming, and de-scoping him, but never betraying him back.
by t3hb1gb0i December 7, 2010
A computer feature that many people do not use, which allows the computer to to shut down while playing music, games videos, browsing, and running antivirus scans all at the same time. When the computer turns on again, all tasks resume at where they were as if nothing happened.

Despite how awesome that is, most people still close down all their programs and shut down, only to have to start them up again when rebooting.

The idea behind it is simple. Take pretty much everything on the RAM and copy it to C:\hiberfil.sys, which is read again when the system resumes.
Fred was Photoshopping, video editing, chatting, browsing, playing Crysis, writing music, and working in 3D Studio Max on his laptop, but he had to pack up and go to work so he simply saved all his work and hibernated the system.
by t3hb1gb0i December 14, 2010