Asking for agreement, understanding, belief. Answered with itself. Often used in italian mafia-type settings to emphasize understanding.
Frank: "If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!"
Tony: "Capice"
by Ese July 7, 2004
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Demand for agreement, implying the other party should proceed as told, whether they agree to terms or not.
There's a few things I Want you to take care for me. What should I call them; problems! I Want you to make them disappear, if you get what I mean, capice!
by Vincnet June 30, 2006
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This is a common misspelling of 'capisce'. This is a slang word in American English borrowed from the Italian. It translates to 'to understand', as in 'Do you understand?' or 'Is that clear?'.
People who don't do what they are asked by the don are no friends of the family, capice (sp.: capisce)?
by disgruntbobulated April 13, 2015
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When you have the audacity to say something extremely wrong or "cap" as the word says.
Noel: Mr. Narrator has the serious capicity to say that the president commited election fraud
Shein: Ikr
by Omega Hood February 25, 2022
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