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Rivaled only by Slash in talent, good looks, and overall class. This man is smoooooth. He knows every Office episode backward and forward and can fit the phrase, “That’s what she said,” into nearly any conversation. Anyone who really gets to know Jesse is blessed with a constant source of kindness, comfort, and laughter (sooooo much laughter). He’s an honest, humble guy with a nice jawline and an even nicer voice. He’s a lover of ravioli, animals, and Fredo Corleone’s beautiful forehead. You’ll never catch him without socks on, and there’s no one better to spend quality time with. Roodoodoodoodoo.
Jesse made me pee my pants twice on March 18.
by Ese July 16, 2020
Asking for agreement, understanding, belief. Answered with itself. Often used in italian mafia-type settings to emphasize understanding.
Frank: "If you dont shutup, im going to bust your frickin head open with a baseball bat, capice?!"
Tony: "Capice"
by Ese July 7, 2004