Caoimhe is an amazing Irish girl! She is beautiful, funny, musical, smart, kind, smiley and witty. She has many friends and is often extremely busy being social with friends. Everyone wants to be friends with a Caoimhe!
'Is Caoimhe Busy today?'
'Yeah, she's busy all week with millions of friends.'
by Guess Who! :) September 30, 2011
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The most beautiful girl in the world. Of irish decent. Often confused with an angel. Does ballet and is a superb soccer player.
She is almost as beautiful as Caoimhe
by Anurag December 17, 2004
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Caoimhe is the most amazing girl who loves to talk to random objects, she will make you laugh for hours on end, even when she doesn't mean to. Caoimhe's will normally have crazy colored hair and will dye it quite often. but never make a Caoimhe laugh when she is drinking! this will cause her to choke and not be able to speak for days. The best kind of Caoimhe is the type that will talk to you for hours and hours about her love of bumblebees, Caoimhe is beautiful and will leave you feeling happy and full of life for years to come.
Friend: You know what would make this trip even better
Caoimhe: BUMBLEBEES?!?!

Friend: ......F*** Sake
by whatswrongwithmyface August 15, 2012
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A pretty cool G and someone you trust a lot and I mean a lot. Is also a big simp but we just by pass that tho cuz it is what it is. All and all the most perfect best friend you could ever ask for

( no sump tho )
See caoimhe?
She be cool

by G man snazzy mc gangster October 21, 2020
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Caoimhe is an amazing Irish girl. She always make you laugh. She is the bestest friend ever she is a keeper trust me. If you have a Caoimhe in ur life don’t let her go. She is the most crackhead bitch ever (in a good way). She is the most loyal person ever you should love a Caoimhe.
‘I meant a girl called Caoimhe she is amazing she is my bestfriend’ Said Morgan

‘Oh my god I met her to she is so funny she’s my bestfriend to’ said Lauren
by hsidheissrjr jeowkd November 11, 2020
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Caoimhe is an absoloutely gorgeous girl sum kisser. fare funny nd is a legend..... My nick name 4 er is caoibob.
Caoimhe is a total legend
by boiiz July 02, 2012
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