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Pretty much the most gangsta place in Orange County California. CC Resides in the borough of Mission Viejo where everyone is so G that no one can walk around at night. Here they roll around in their parents' BMW and Mercedez Benzs and bump out to 102.7 KIIS FM as they roll through the many speed bumps. They be busting caps in those motha fucka rent-a-cops and do some hardcore toilet papering in the middle of the night. Their gang hangout is called "The Clubhouse" where they participate in water sports and hustle on the pool table. They eat out of the vending machines and sometimes they have to use the pay phone if they left their rockin cell phone at their mansion. DON'T GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET SHOT! FOO!
Man i hate going to canyon crest, whenever i go there my car always gets stolen!

Damn Walnut Grove is so ghetto, they have like 3 speed bumps on that road...shiiiieeet.

I hope my brother lets me borrow his razor scooter so we can hit up Canyon Crest Clubhouse and watch free cable. With white people!
by My Beezy on the Geezy June 10, 2007
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