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best place to live, great beaches, low tourist count unlike ENC or Del Mar or Carmel Valley. LOTS of drugs, both fun and dangerous. couple hot chicks, couple chillas, home to steve o and his friends known as "xyz". if ur ever in SB, take a trip to the xyz house, they'll be sure to greet u with a 40 and a tattoo.
i wouldn't want to live anywhere else besides Solana Beach, whoever disagrees smokes rocks or likes police officers, cuz theres none of them here aswell. come find me if u dont agree.
by Alex Odegard September 26, 2007
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A small coastal city in North San Diego near Encinitas. The people in this town think they are wealthy and successful, but in reality are just Del Mar knock offs. These people drive like shit, dress like shit, and overall are complete assholes and dicks. Also, they refuse to let the city put in stop lights because they feel like they live in an exclusive area, but they dont.
Every motherfucker from Solana Beach can go smoke a cock.
by SoCalLife February 09, 2007
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