Frank: Dude, I am so hungry right now.

Johnny: Canned peaches?

Frank: Yessssssss. Thank you, God
by Pi@noguy January 9, 2011
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A slang term for sexual intercourse. It comes from the action of sticking a penis in a vagina or asshole, which is similar to putting peaches and syrup into cans.
Man 1: Me and my girlfriend's grandma were "canning peaches" last night!

Man 2: Really?? Well while you were doing that last night, I was "canning peaches" with your mom!
by Eziquio C. December 16, 2014
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(Noun) Calling someone a virgin; referring to someone's virginity (mostly referring to a girl's virginity)
Cara: Gosh I'm so horny right now. I really need a fuckbuddy.

Me:Hun, you're a closed can of peaches. You can survive without dick.
by PrattyBratty January 21, 2016
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the act of achieving either orgasm or ejaculation or both without the help of a partner.
darren: we jehovah witnesses don't believe in sex before marriage.

matt: so you can your own peaches?

darren: nope. touching oneself for pleasure is also forbidden.
by geelbooyair December 20, 2011
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The best weed ever, smells like a mix between canned peaches and jesus' ball sweat. Its especially great when gabe packs a fat bowl.
Hey can you get me some of that can of peaches?
No fuck your mother
by Lilzisdashit May 28, 2011
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