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A boring,beleagured and depressing retreat for old, rich folks in Central New York that is definitely not a "Panama City".....a place that the merchants are so paranoid that most of them will refuse out of state licenses for beer purchases for younger customers!
I walk into the store visiting Canandaigua with my out of state DL to buy a six pack....

"We don't accept out of state ID's"
by Turbofan May 02, 2005
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A rich elitist snob, named after a small snobby city in west central New York State
Damn, she is so Canandaigua since she won't talk to me
by Piranha October 29, 2004
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A town in the suburbs of upstate, NY where the majority of rednecks, middle class families and old veterans live. Though for kids it is a great place to grow up in. In the summer, the kids would boat on the lake pretty much everyday. During the winter, they would go skiing/snowboarding at Bristol. In school the kids participle in sports and/or music. During the spring a lady with bags in her hands with gel on her face walks around the streets of canandaigua and is called "The Vaseline Lady". If you see her walking around then you know it's spring already. Canandaigua is mainly big for its lake, hunting, horseback riding, etc.
Canandaigua is a nice little town to grow up in even though the town is a little weird.
by oliviakl September 11, 2016
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1) A Squalid Hell Hole in upstate New York
2) A real life Dickens tragedy
3) A place that is unique in that it is stuck in a 50's mindset with and mid 80's drug problem
4) A soul sucking trap few ever escape from
5) The place where Susan B Anthony was tried for voting
6) A town full of crazy homeless vietnam vets....including one who washes his ass in public drinking fountains and another that beleives it is possible to telepathically communicate with Captain Kirk by chewing on tinfoil (NO JOKE)
7) A town that employs all the assholes kicked off of the NYPD because they don't want to pay for training
A town with NO middle class....RICH OR POOR that's it
8) The place where Wild Irish Rose is made.
9) A good place to fuck with French Canadian tourists
French Canadian Tourist: Esquizes Mois Se vos plais....can you tell me how to get to (ANY DESTINATION)

Native Canandaiguan: Yeah, that light, go there take a left, when you get to Freshour rd, take another left and then just keep going. Can't miss it. When you think your's right there, seriously!

French Canadian Tourist: Merci!

Native Canadaiguan: fucking wine slurping frog!
by Thropy March 09, 2009
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A city southeast of Rochester. Rivals with Victor. Known for lacrosse, Canandaigua Lake, Bristol Mountain, CMAC, and home of Wegmans, to name a few. Kids in the summer play in the lake or sit home. If you're an adult, you either take work off to go in the lake or bar hop. In the winter people go to Bristol Mountain or play hockey on the frozen lake, or sled anywhere you can find a good hill. It's a fun place to mess with tourists, and enjoy your life.
Hey, do you want to go to Canandaigua and play in the lake?
by lakelover222 July 03, 2017
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According to Native American legend, Canandaigua is the chosen spot/place. At present, the city is undergoing an amazing transformation. There is a Veteran's hospital which is gathering all wounded souls from war and violence. There is St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, who just lost a primary force to the "Pagans". There is the historical Pickering treaty with the Haudenosaunee, which is not followed by the federal government. Angels from throughout human history and geography are gathering to transform Canandaigua into the city of God/Angels from a Redneck Racist hell hole.
If you want to see God--Canandaigua is the place to be!
by ameseababe2 November 13, 2011
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A small town of about 18,000 (including town and city)in western upstate New York. Known for its lake south of the town, which holds some of the most expensive lake real estate in the country (basically affluent people from Rochester/out of state that buy summer houses). Although most people are year round residents (I am one of them) many do not own property on the lake. Despite what most people/visitors believe, the town is far from rich or snobby (compared to the wealthy suburbs of Rochester like Pittsford) with most people fitting into the middle/upper middle class category. During the summer many people visit the hyped up Rosland Water Park, only to find that it's a waste of time and money. During the winter however, one can ski at Bristol Mountain which is about a 15 minute drive from the town. Most kids living in Canandaigua attend Canandaigua Academy (the public high school) and participate in sports or art/drama.
Canandaigua is a good place to grow up with the lake during the summer, and skiing in the winter.
by Fenway182 June 06, 2007
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