1. A superlative act of sexual intecourse in which the mind and all the senses are as thoroughly engaged as the sexual organs. So called as the brain is considered north while the gentials are south (Mexico or Brazil); also refers to the fact that the beaver (Castor canadensisis) is the Great White North's national animal, and thus, "Canadian beaver" refers to tip-top or top-drawer fucking.

2. A girl or woman living in the country of Canada, most of which lies north of the 48 continguous United States.
I was up in Montreal gambling and I rassled me up some Canadian beaver!
by Tunmy AuGratin February 24, 2006
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A person performing a sexual act involving an uncircumcised male and a partner with a particularly hairy anus.

The partner may be either male or female as long as the prerequisite of having sufficient hair around the anus is met.

The person acting as the Canadian Beaver Tail approaches the partner from behind with the foreskin retracted, making contact between the anus and the exposed glans. Once contact is established the foreskin is once again pulled over the head of the penis fusing both individuals together.

"Hey, I think that anonymous human #1 passed out in the bathroom."
"Yup, looks like it's time for a Canadian Beaver Tail" *anonymous human #2 proceeds to mount anonymous human #1 in the aforementioned fashion and becomes the Canadian Beaver Tail*
by Lazy Smurf December 17, 2008
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