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A person from a country that doesn't exist called Canada. Everything that is in Canada or own by a Canadian is made of snow (Canadians can't feel cold). Also extremely nice people that will say sorry for anything, even if there is no need to say sorry. What Canadians eat for breakfast is mostly pancakes with maple syrup, for a snack they will mostly eat kechup chips, for lunch they will eat some poutine, dinner is Canadian Bacon with maple syrup and for desert it's maple syrup after its put in snow and freezez. Canadians play hockey with beavers, moose, and Canadian Geese, yep we have our own geese. Also canadians say "eh" a lot.
Canadian: "eh bud you wanna go to the rink play some hockey, maybe get a Iced Capp at Tim Hortons after?"
American:"Um su-"
Canadian:"sorry for cutting you off there just wanted to give you this maple syrup"
American: *tries to run away but freezez

canadian: "SORRY"
by Bear stuck in zoo March 06, 2019
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Code word for Jews, has its origins in Chicago
"There's no Christmas lights on this street, must all be Canadians"
by Perry Menos December 09, 2019
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Code word for a single person or group at a restaurant that are likely to: Not tip; Complain about the bill; Dine & Dash.
The waitress kept her eye on the Canadians for concern she would get stiffed with the bill.
by Swisher rolled tight November 09, 2020
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A group of people who don't deserve rights. They think that they're so cool when they say aboot and eh. However, we know that their prime minister, justin trudeau is the only good thing going for their country because he really is a melanin king. they have poutine but other than that they're bad
by George_bush_did_9/11 November 12, 2019
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