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A sexual act where the male makes an incision in the female's breasts to draw blood, then proceeds to ejaculate on her chest.
"Man I cut my girlfriend pretty deep before I jizzed on her tits when I gave her a Canadian Tuxedo."
by Marc Smith November 23, 2007
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An all white denim version of the Canadian tuxedo.
I saw some hipsters rocking some sweet french canadian tuxedos the other day. I bet they were off to do some parkour.
by Dr. Chim Richels July 6, 2011
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Similar to the Canadian Tuxedo, the Canadian Hippie Tuxedo involves personalized, acid-washed patterns on the jeans and jean jacket. Typical dress code for weddings in Stayner, Ontario.
"Neil wore his finest Canadian Hippie Tuxedo for the official inauguration of Camp Cletus."
by Camp Cletus September 25, 2013
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A Canadian tuxedo, better defined as denim on denim, is a hate crime. The sight of it might make one want to set such an outfit on fire. If not jump off a bridge. Whoever chose this as a fashion ?choice? Deserves all of what has been said about it.
"Look, they're wearing a Canadian Tuxedo!"
"A what?"
"Denim on denim."
"look away look away look away"
by ARMYOFMARIES February 3, 2022
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