A cool, smart, funny, nice, amazing, sweet, athletic, and the best person ever.
guy 1: that girl is so cool
Guy: yeah her neme is cana
by joe jamon April 2, 2011
Boy asks, "What's your name?"
Girl replies, "It's Cana"
by Ooney July 4, 2009
Those girls have such a cana between them, i don't think they'll ever stop fucking.
by Ofelia September 27, 2005
Cuidado, viene la cana
Be carefull, police is coming
by carlos123 July 25, 2016
Adj. When it's cold enough that even a Canadian would freeze, usually around -40.
Screw the movies, it's cana out there!
by Bman81189 January 2, 2006
A kickass shaman and druid in the Game Boy game "Fire Emblem". He uses dark magic to destroy the enemy.
Canas is the coolest character from Fire Emblem.
by Mr. Obvious April 4, 2004
a ship name that sometimes will most likely never happen, a ship that is close to happening
Cana is real but it doesnt seem real
by whatsupcanada February 9, 2015