1) Family of Italian roots that will soon rise up and control the world's economy, sometime around the year 2112.

2) Uncircumsized man who cares more about the pleasure of women than his own.

3) Sexual ingenuity and prowess.
I porked her wet pussy like a Campagna.
by cacaboy November 11, 2004
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The act of men rubbing the tips of each others penises on the other person's belly button.
Jeff and Jayme were doing the campagna to each other.
by BlowingTeddies February 20, 2018
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when you get a gigantic shitload of homework. it will take you 4-6 hours to complete it. then you turn that shit in and your teacher doesnt care about it, its peer graded. you spent 6 hours on busy work. good for you.
-dude i got assigned a campagna bomb of homework last night.
-o shit dude where do you want your funeral?
by omgitslisa May 2, 2010
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"Bro, stop being a Ms. Campagna."
by February 14, 2022
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