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The most amazing guy in the entire world, He is lovable and sweet and sensitive, and makes the best boyfriend ever. He's extremely handsome and is super intelligent and perfectly imperfect all over. He's extremely funny, and completely and utterly amazing
"My boyfriend Camiel is the best boyfriend ever, nobody out there could match him"
by ihavethebest boyfriend ever September 10, 2011
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lady with class and charm and mad sexual appeal. a booty and dick suckin lips. tits that taste like candy. big expressive brown eyes and long, paint brush stroked hair. only for one man. the best girlfriend you'd ever have bc shes mature, intelligent, funny and sexy. the one you wanna mess wit but one you dont wanna be messed wit. priceless.
Camiel be so fly, gotta make her mine, too bad she got a man already. he mad lucky tho.
by yup5 February 04, 2010
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