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The sweetest most kind, intelligent, and beautiful person someone could ever ask to be with. Definitely not a sour pickle. More like a cute little cupcake.
Hey have you met Cameryn yet? She's the bestest.
by EEKasorusREX February 12, 2017
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Cameryn is a talented girl. Cameryn is a girl that never gives up.
She's the girl that will talk behind your back but never admit she did.
When it comes to parties, Cameryn will make sure she is the first to get an invite.
Cameryn has a large sense of humour, and is not shy to show it.
Did you hear that funny joke going around?

Yup, Cameryn made that up.
by Wynter_Lexii April 11, 2017
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A goddess spy. She has to cover up her beauty to impress Zeus her master. Even though she spies on other people, she still wishes she could let out her inner beauty to the person she loves. Though she has not found that person, she is determined to. If you find a shooting star, that is Cameryn looking for that one special person.
"Woah did you see that shooting star??!!!"

"Yep, that was Cameryn"
by RowxYarial June 12, 2009
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Cameryn is a kind and funny girl who loves to talk to people and tell jokes. Any person would be lucky to either date or be friends with a Cameryn. Cameryn is a very beautiful girl but doesn’t know it. She’s happy most of the time, but deep down inside, she’s sad and depressed. Cameryn is more of a “pack animal” meaning she doesn’t like to be alone. She’d rather be with friends. Any man/woman would be extremely lucky to date a Cameryn.
Damn Cameryn is so kind
by YoTengo69 May 07, 2019
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A boy who will mess with you and make you love him, but really right when you do he'll break up with you and say he wasn't feeling it. He will also ask you for nudes even after he starts dating someone else, and tell you he wants to fuck you. So really he's just a fuckboy wanting nudes.
Girl, Cameryn is such a fuckboy.
by yourtypicalidiot March 04, 2017
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