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Camari is a chill ass boss and is very goofy at times but knows when it's time to talk business
by Tyrone December 21, 2016
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camari is sexy, funny, smart in every way and fun to be around of. can pull anybody she want and she have and awesome personality and is a great friend to tell secrets to and she will listen to you in anyway and is a loveable person she don't be rude or mean she be honest with you no matter what ... everybody want them a CAMARI!!
camari one of the realist person I know
by yanoo_itsyafav! January 10, 2017
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A joint production of Toyota and Ferrari. Only 200 of these days were put into production. It looks like a Toyota Camry, but has a Ferrari F150 engine. Made using the 1998 Camry body frame.
by Katsumoto Kaneshiro March 11, 2008
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Camari is a cool ass person he is very Honest he takes no shit from anybody Camari is very rude and disrespectful person he don’t about how you fell about him and will never care he will lose his shit he you catch a attitude with him
“Look at this nigga camari
Bitch what did you say I’m finna knock your teeth down your Throat “
by Preece December 11, 2017
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