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A middle aged man who still lives with his mum, he made his claim to mediocre fame by criticising BGMedia and getting the piss taken out of him by more successful YouTubers like WillNe and memeulous, and pretty much everyone else.

One of his most common traits is to be a try hard who thinks he has friends, or as he referred to a situation where he thought he was friends with WillNe and memeulous over a Skype call: “The lone wolf has found a pack”

He thinks he can wrestle and recently implied that he could fight a wolf and come out victorious.
Mate have you heard of that YouTube channel called Callum’s corner? It’s actually pretty shit content but his levels of cringe just makes it funny
by Irellivance May 29, 2018
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British nonce Hunter
Who released no no noncesence
He exposes celebrities and youtubers for being nonces. He has a tic tac head
Dav alright this Callum’s corner man is well funny with us no no noncesence song
by Little-willyy August 14, 2018
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