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A whiny little bastard who doesn't know when to shut his small paper cut of a mouth and needs to seriously invest in some rogaine
Fuck mate that bloke over there is such a calliou

Man, after Gerald turned 40, he turned into such a calliou
by Maggoooot to boot July 26, 2017
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A 4 year old with breast cancer who whines because he cant play in the sandbox
And a kid whose parents dont know common kid names
I had to wait five hours to watch Calliou to know how his name was spelled
by Jacob D went to VCS February 21, 2017
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a calliou is a cancer cell that extracts gay aids towards people. If you watched him as a child, now or in the past week chances are you are gay now and have extreme aids. Never, and I mean never watch calliou because he's a shit head full of asshole and deserve no bitch and has no money so I don't wanna talk. his moms couchie is bursting from heat because of how big his dick head is. Merci
Mom of calliou: Damn i didnt know my kid was a dildoooo OOUU
Calliou: Why does this rain taste like salty water?
by blakesnipessnipes December 11, 2018
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A bald kid who is stronger then thanos, and some says he might be stronger then the baby shark, he is also the identity of the spider man....... i think
Its my worst friend Calliou
via giphy
by doognoo April 01, 2019
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