The only man to Reject the thicc queen Mia Malkova
Guy 1: Man, I love Mia Malkova, what man would reject that
Guy 2: oh, CallMeCarson
Guy 1: Who?
Guy 2: The Only man to Reject her
Guy 1: Hes probably Gay
Guy 2: Nah man, he straight as the word, he just prefers them thicc anime thighs
by The True Coffee Cat January 25, 2020
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guy who doesn't know: "callmecarson"
guy who knows: 😬
via giphy
by Your Pseudonym (laugh) February 26, 2021
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The most unfunny zoomer humor person to exist on the face of this planet. Tries to be awkward to be funny but fails so badly that any person with a brain will just stare blanked face, as he tries to do more unfunny shit. You must disconnect your brainstem to laugh at any of his jokes.
Callmecarson: /Stands in front of tv and does some cringey ass shit/
Me: :/
Exp 2:

13 year old: Did you watch that Callmecarson video he uploaded? Uh oh stinky haha poopy! Stinky! HaHA!

Normal Person: Come on dude really? What the fuck is wrong with you man Jesus.
by SnappyQuick January 25, 2020
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type "CallMeCarson" into twitter, it will be fun
hey why isnt CallMeCarson uploading? let me check twitter
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