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A condition experienced after long nights of playing Call of Duty 4. Causes dreams to consist of bright environments with shadows popping up everywhere. In the waking hours, COD effect causes severe reactions to fleeting images in the afflicted person's peripherals.
Holy shit, I had Call of Duty effect really bad all day. I was walking down the street and saw a door open on the other side of the road. I fucking dropped all my shit and hid behind a tree. Then I punched the guy walking behind me.
by danlan13 December 19, 2008
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Outcome of an event in which you think that there is "no way in hell" that the said outcome could have happened. Similar events happen often in CoD games and are applauded as shows of skill more often than not.

In reality, for such events not to be considered results of luck, they must be replicated at least twice under the same circumstances. Only then may the event be said to require skill.
Dude 1: Woah! 360 no scope through TWO solid walls!

Dude 2: Can you do it again

Dude 1: Hell Yeah, watch this.....

*doesn't happen rest of game*

Dude 2: Looks like it was just luck, thats the Call of Duty effect for ya.

by AL_PS3 March 22, 2011
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