I went to Amurica to visit my Auntie Pat.
by LlamaMama902 January 20, 2015
The Land of Beer Drinking, Stereotypical, and War-Loving rednecks.
For Example, America featured in the Movie Team America is AMurica
by Fuck Yeah Amurica September 20, 2010
1.Poor-folk deviation of "America," home of the red, white trash, and blue!

2. A nation ruled by Warlord Bush and the petite proletariat

3. An imploration for unionization and trailer parks

If you don't like it, then you can ge-e-e-t out douche.
In Amurica, illegal communist assholes are taking our jorbs!
by Chinua May 1, 2008
A place filled with a bunch of fat people who usually will sue you for looking at them. They carry around their flags with 5 shotguns, 2 miniguns, 15 handguns, 9 rockets, and 24 grenades in their pocket. They love burgers, big trucks, and school shootings.
When I went to Amurica, I found a bunch of guns.... that´s it.
by Wild1stWest April 30, 2021