A FPS game that has been putting the same shit on the market since 2007 and getting millions of sales from it. It is infected by assholes who camp, quickscope, 360, noscope, noobtube, spawncamp, and say faggot a lot. The players are in the age range from 3-11. The older men that play still have there virginity, and are usually douchebag hackers. Now something terrible has happened. The Call of Duty noobs have invaded BattleField 3 and 4 (Beta, but soon full). The Battlefield players are trying to push them back to there shitty Call of Duty. Call of Duty Ghosts, coming out this year is the same thing as all the others but sucks harder. Somehow, Call of Duty games always get good ratings. This is probably caused by the rating company rating only FPS games (Mostly COD) good because they don't want to get pissed off by the community. This usually happens from IGN.
COD Noob: Do you wanna play Call of Duty?
Battlefield player: No, that game is a shit stained on a hog's ass being licked by a horse who is being humped by a noob like you. Play a good first person shooter called Battlefield for once.
by noobkiller123463 October 14, 2013
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A game that makes people think that they are gun experts after playing.
Person 1: "Look at this dude. It's an original AK47!"

Person 2: "You're a fucking idiot. It's clearly an AK74U with a retractable stock, dumbass."

Person 1: "Shut the fuck up, you play Call of Duty."
by StoutShako March 29, 2014
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A succesful series of video games, set in the Second World War/Near future. With the original, simply titled "Call of Duty" released in 2003, and the newest edition, "Call of Duty: Modern warfare 2" Released in late 2009, It has epitomized the teenage Male's attitude to life, girls, and masturbation.
Jenny: Hey Sam, Feel like going to the park to make out?

Sam: Nah, I told Jeff I'd play C.O.D Tonight. Sorry.

Jenny: I hate you. Stupid Call of Duty

Sam: I cant hear you, I'm killing people in an airport!
by Zo-mi-gar January 09, 2010
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The most overrated video game series of all time.
When everyone talks about how awesome the new Call of Duty is, it makes me want to play it less than I did when I first heard about it. All the hype takes away from the actual experience. Just like losing your virginity.
by The Unforgiven King Nothing March 01, 2012
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Does not even deserve to be called a "game".
Call of Duty is a piece of overpriced, over rated shit that only stupid westernized idiots like.
by WorkingBrain February 06, 2013
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An online bandwagon game where many ants gather to do highly repetitive tasks on a genre that hasn't changed in like... 10-15 years. CoD may get new guns or whatever, but ultimately you know what it'll do. And the random enemeies with mediocre aim shooting you out of nowhere is stupidly annoying. Many mindless drones that wouldn't know a good game if it bit them in the ass buy this game. It has success because of these drones all hopping on the bandwagon.

ANT: YES OH GOD YES! *orgasms*

The 2 idiots proceed to jumpon the bandwagon and ride to the nearest video game retail store.
by Hazard89 November 09, 2010
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A mediocre game for Noobs who wouldn't know a REAL gaming experience if it was jammed up their ass, them taken out and slapped firmly across their head. Everything Cod does has been done before and BETTER. want a real game? try HL2, or Crysis, or Halo, or even TF2.
Call of Duty fanboy: I played CoD all night last night, and I unlocked fmj shotguns.
Gamer:*looks over at him* fuck you, Noob.
by LordXeras November 12, 2010
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