The vilest and most putrid species in the animal kingdom, rumor has it that they are used to mask people's homosexuality, but that tactic doesn't work... EVER
Management: We WILL send a Calder to you if you don't stop all this gay nonsense
by Gay Regina George July 02, 2012
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A massive fat cunt usually weighing between 180-340kg that has no friends and tends to stink out a room with his putrid body odour. Although he may drive a chick magnet, he still hasnt got a bee's dick in hope of actually pulling a chick. While no-one is yet to say it, everyone actually thinks he is a giant cunting fuck arse who urgently needs a visit to jenny craig.
"Hey dude, see that massive cunt with the triple chin eating a horse?"

"Yeah, he also smells like shit. It must be a Calder."
by Jacky5 December 21, 2011
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