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1. a very cheap, ugly, unsightly & unattractive method of modifying air cooled Volkswagen cars. which is not limited to only Type 1 (Beetle. more at: Bug) models. said cars often feature excessive rust on the main infrastructure, including the suspension and floor pan. even the exterior paint.

2. overly lowering an air cooled Volkswagen to the point of decambering the rear wheels to extremely unfunctional angles, thus hindering the handling properties of said vehicle.

3. narrowing the front beam (see: suspension) so much that the car looks hideous and can no longer properly steer in a correct manner. in doing so, also brings the front fender arches excessively over the wheels/tires. engine remains stock or painfully slow.

4. installing and/or bolting on every known car accessory to said car & making the entire look gawdy and awkward. doesn't matter if the car has paint or like most examples; primered. in the end, it's still an eyesore.

5. the very opposite of what the California Look was originally intended for: tastefully built, fast, and nice looking fun to drive functional Volkswagens that could easily out accelerate most cars on the roads, even V8 powered units.
Yo, we need to cruise our Cal Resto whips down da street to represent.
by Cal Look VW June 08, 2010
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