A beautiful girl, who name in Gaelic means Pure, she is a pure, smart and a stunning girl, The only way to spell her name is Caitlin,
if you don't want a back stabbing cheating girl, you should defintley pick a Caitlin
by Katie JJ August 26, 2015
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Irish name for pure which definitely true. Caitlin’s are the most innocent, most pure beings and just so kind. They are so beautiful and adorable and very intelligent, especially when it comes to reading people. Caitlin’s are very observant and like to keep to themselves unless they like you. They are really creative and would love to have a job in the arts(music, acting, or even a YouTube channel). They are loving and protective of they’re friends and loved ones and will do anything for them. Be careful if you make them mad because they can rages can be lethal (but they always feel bad afterwards cause they would never want to intentionally hurt someone). They are usually quite shy at first but once you get to know them they really open up to you. They will try to hide most of their feelings but just give them a little push or a hug and they’ll truely open their heart. They are the strongest girls ever, not just physically but mentally also. They tend to be very empathetic and can put themselves into another’s position easily. They also tend to push away others in fear that they would be left alone. Make sure you make them feel loved and reassure them that they are okay. They usually take longer to fall in love but when they do, that person is very must be very special and oh so lucky. If you are friends with a Caitlin, make sure to keep them close and give them lots of hugs even when they say they don’t need it. They are truely the best friends/girlfriends you could ask for
Person1: hey. You know that girl? The shy one?
Person2: no not really. She seems really nice though. She must be a Caitlin.
by Jackyh April 21, 2019
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Caitlin is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Even if she’s having a hard day, she’ll always make sure that your priorities come first. She’s strong and beautiful and loves to make others laugh. She’ll support you no matter what decision you make. She’s sweet and caring and no matter what, she’ll always be by your side. If you meet a Caitlin, keep her in your life. It’ll be worth it.
Dear Caitlin,

You are so sweet and kind. I have no idea what I’d do without you. You make my day whenever I see you smile. You make an amazing friend.
by Peter Parker/ Spider-Man May 11, 2019
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A beautiful and loving daughter who is funny, smart, loyal, generous and one of a kind...Loves to read books and is a whiz at just almost anything. She will have your back when you need her.
Thank you Caitlin for helping me with Algebra
by pettyfan67 January 06, 2015
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She's the sexiest,beautiful, and smartest woman ever. When you wake up next to her, you will savor the moment of having her presence.
I just met the most amazing girl ever…her name was Caitlin.
by blankspacebaby March 06, 2015
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A super smart woman who is also a great mother. She is wise and witty, as well as funny and sarcastic. She is nurturing, and enjoys children and pets. In conclusion a caitlin, is a funny, pretty, smart and mothering person.
You should be a baby sitter; you're such a Caitlin

OMG!!! How did you know the answer? You must be a Caitlin.
by TehGreatOne January 10, 2015
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Usually Brunette.
They're nice, caring, a lot crazy, outgoing, and most of the time can be quite shy. Cute and amazing. If you are really close to her, then you know how shy and quiet changes like the a girl changes clothes. Caitlins are really funny and fun to be around but don't get on their bad side.

Can be a little 'inappropriate' at times or a lot, and never takes anything seriously. It doesn't seem like it but caitlins talk a lot about everything, very open. Caitlins like to joke around and freckled ones can be the best or be the worst. Sometimes have dimples.
Person 1- "You know the girl over their laughing her ass off?"

Person 2- "Yeah, she's a total Caitlin
by thatoneguywholikesyou February 25, 2013
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