Cailyn is shy when you first meet her, but then when you get to know her she's really out there! She's fun to be around and loves to have a laugh. She likes to impersonate people and put on a really funny accent. Cailyn thinks she isn't beautiful, but to everyone else; she really is. She doesn't like to be left out of things and doesn't like people who try to manipulate her.
Who's that really funny chick over there? It's a Cailyn.
Wow, she's beautiful, what's her name? Cailyn.
by WhoAreWe? March 31, 2012
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An amazingly beautiful girl who not only has the looks, but an absolutely great personality to go with it. She's the best friend you could ever ask for, and she'll always be there for you through everything!
"Wow... that girl is gorgeous and what's surprising is that she's a really good person too!"
"Yep, that's Cailyn for you!"
by SylviaSummer January 5, 2010
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A Cailyn is such an amazing girl. She loves dogs and animals. She loves her family and her friends. She may sometimes be very depressed and sad. But, she wake up and she’ll be happy the next day. But she loves life and nature. Nature shows her love for the Earth. She loves poetry and loves to write. She also loves science. She’s a nerd when she wants to be. She like reading about history and slavery. She also likes sports. Wait on second thought she loves sports. She loves volleyball and basketball. She wants to try lacrosse and karate but she doesn’t want to get hurt while playing those sports. She is very flexible and she likes to play outside. She is a girl who loves to play in the rain when she has a chance to and plays in the sun. She is also ver loyal. But sometimes she doesn’t know if the guy actually likes her. She is very insecure about love and she can get very violated easily but, she doesn’t like to be rushed. She is a very serious person when it comes to relationships and love. She is a very loyal and faithful person do not try to lose her. She is a very special person!!
Omg is that a Cailyn. Damn she’s fine as hell!!!!!!
by Blubber blobfish February 17, 2020
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Cailyn is an extremely attractive girls but often denies it.She may be very shy when you first meet but if she trust u she can be VERY loud and outgoing.Cailyns are exilent partners in bed and are often up to trying new things.Cailyns are lowkey hoes and they aren’t afraid to admit it.If ur a guy don’t even think about cheating on a Cailyn because they often can’t control there temper
by Chaseface911 April 4, 2018
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An unnoticed girl who often loves video games and reading. A nice girl, when provoked will hurt you whether it’s is physically or mentally. She is usually shy until you meet her and she opens up like a book. She is an outcast but if you ever meet her she is a great friend to have.
by Cbrpuppy August 16, 2019
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Cailyn is someone you definitely want to know. Not only is she a kind, sweet gal, but she is super adventurous and there for you always. She is a text away whenever you need her. She strives for greatness and is SO strong. She is the prettiest person ever. She cares about her friends and is always there when she is needed. Anyone can count on her. Get to know a Cailyn and you won't regret a bit. Her laugh makes everyone smile and laugh along. She is a rockstar. She will never lie to you and will always be trustworthy. You look up from what you are doing, there she is. She is always there day in and day out. You say jump, she says how high. Her whole heart is genuine. Thank her everyday for what she does.
Cailyn is more than words can describe
by galaxy105 September 13, 2022
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Cailyn is the type of person to make you laugh, she’s always there for you and can tell when something’s wrong. People usually don’t say it but she is a very pretty person and can make a great partner.
Soul Mate Initial:K
“Who’s that”
It’s Cailyn, the most beautiful person to ever exist”-K
by SecretAdmirerK September 1, 2022
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