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An awesome band from Bowling Green, KY. Lead singer Matt Shultz and brother Brad Shultz started the band in 2005 where they were formerly known as Perfect Confusion. The band consists of Lead Singer: Matt Shultz, Rythym Guitar: Brad Shultz, Bass: Daniel Tichenor, Drummer: Jared Champion, Lead Guitar: Lincoln Parish. Their debut album is available now and they have a hit single Ain't No Rest for the Wicked and has reached #2 on the Modern Rock charts. Check them out they rule.
1. There ain't no rest for the wicked, 'till we close our eyes for good.

2. Person 1: Have you heard of Cage the Elephant?|

Person 2: isn't that shoving ur whole dick and balls in an ass?| Person 1: No you homo it's an awesome band quit looking at the faggot definition of Cage the Elephant!
by Elephantinthecage June 30, 2009
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Butthead: Uhh, do you know what Cage the Elephant means?
Beavis: (mumbles) Oh yeah ha. Uhh, like um ha (says) choking your chicken? hahahahahaha
Butthead: Beavis, you think everything means that. But uhh, in this case it does. hahahaha
Beavis: ha Whoa! ha. That guy just caged his elephant hahaha.
by Rocketx12 November 10, 2011
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A metaphor for society’s attempt to contain and control the wild and powerful spirit in all of us.

Also, a really cool rock band.
"His supervisors thought they could cage the elephant by getting the rogue cop off the streets and into a cubicle desk job. But confinement only made him restless, and more dangerous than before."

Other examples of caged elephants include: Hormone-crazed high school kids; Employees in unfulfilling jobs; Spouses trapped in loveless marriages.
by Eegah! April 14, 2010
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1. To have your asshole stuffed by cock and balls.

2. To stick your entire cock and balls inside someone’s asshole.
Ex.1 How was your date with Brad last night?

“The usual…dinner…movie…then pulled the ol’ cage the elephant

Ex.2 “How was that morbidly obese, amputee, half mongoloid, yeast infected whore from the bar last night?”

“Great. I made her cage my elephant. But I probably have crabs now.”
by fromanjacks April 15, 2009
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