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The young, enthusiastic interns and new hires fresh out of school who want to take your job. Kittens are girls. Puppies are boys.
EMPLOYEE 1: Oh, the kittens and puppies in the summer intern program are so cute, I just want to take them home and cook them a hot meal!

EMPLOYEE 2: Cute, sure. But they'll kill you in your sleep and eat you if they think they can get away with it.
by Eegah! June 20, 2010
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When a person of inferior skill or power takes your job because you weren't paying attention to how hungry they really were.
Careful, that young bubbly intern in accounting is just too nice. I know you want to cook her a hot meal, but I think she's angling for a chance to kill you in your sleep.
by Eegah! June 20, 2010
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A metaphor for society’s attempt to contain and control the wild and powerful spirit in all of us.

Also, a really cool rock band.
"His supervisors thought they could cage the elephant by getting the rogue cop off the streets and into a cubicle desk job. But confinement only made him restless, and more dangerous than before."

Other examples of caged elephants include: Hormone-crazed high school kids; Employees in unfulfilling jobs; Spouses trapped in loveless marriages.
by Eegah! April 14, 2010
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