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To tell the world what they should be doing and what you think by plastering your car with bumper stickers to that effect.

Jim: That "Keep Tahoe Blue" sticker is really making me wonder how to keep Tahoe blue.
Mike: Yeah, Berkeley is full of bumper sticker activism. Too bad the sticker's on a Ford Expedition, since keeping Tahoe blue involves reducing emissions.
by wendyrocks November 06, 2006
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Word: cafepress
Pronunciation: ka-'fA'pres
Function: verb
Etymology: French café coffee, café, from Turkish kahve; Middle English presse, from Anglo-French, from presser to press

1. To take an idea or piece of artwork, put it on a T-shirt and other merchandise, and have it online for sale for yourself and the general public.
Related activities: t-shirt blogging and bumper sticker activism

Bob: I really want a "Caterpillars rock my face off" shirt.
Mike: Dude, just cafepress it. Maybe everyone wants one.

Jane: Sweet, Dick Cheney just shot his friend in the face.
Emily: I am so cafepressing that.
by wendyrocks November 06, 2006
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T-shirt blogging

Word: t-shirt blogging
Pronunciation: 'tE-"sh&rt 'bläg*ing
Function: noun
Function: verb

1. To get your opinions out there in the public discourse by wearing them on your shirt. Similar to bumper sticker activism.
Gilbert: Wendy's "The only Bush I trust is my own" shirt is sweet.
Mack: Yeah, she's been T-shirt blogging a lot these days.
by wendyrocks November 06, 2006
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