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A swaggering braggart or boaster.

Cacafuego literally means "shit fire" in Spanish. Anyone who boasts their new knowledge of insulting words from this article can be called a cacafuego.
Jeff constantly brags about his female conquests, he is such a cacafuego!
by JD the Jamoke December 29, 2009
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1. a temperamental person

2. a braggart

(from Spanish, caca, a juvenile term for fecal matter, and fuego, fire, also said to be a refence to the nickname of a Spanish Galleon)
Why are you such a cacafuego?
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When Sir Francis Drake went over to Spain,

the Spanish called his boat "caca fuego,"

or "fire-shitter."
Grande La Chinga !!! Esta el caca fuego !!!

Vamonos andele pinchi ahorita !!!

Que la chingando !!!
by Johnny Lingas April 17, 2011
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