extreamlly good bread maker massive cock bakes his family tea on a monday his teammates are idiots some man, mad at

giving insults
max - hi cac
cac - dont call me cac you thot
max - sorry cacci
cac - your mum gives me head while i make her bread

maxs face disintigrates and his organs come out of his mouth and cacci needs them and makes bread
by cacciislove March 26, 2018
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Vietnamese word for cock/penis/sick β€˜con cac’ is depending in context.

This word is told when you hate something / someone extremely ( in this case, it’s similar with β€˜suck my di*k’), yet you can say that to your closely friends ( which is just like a funny joke, totally normal).
Bu cac tao. Suck my dick. Con cac
by Ch1na.d0ll April 10, 2018
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the word you say when somebody tells you that you do not have a cock
you: HAHAHAHAHA dude YOU dont have a COCK
me: cac
by telephone.exe January 11, 2020
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