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Yet, another outstanding name that Our favourite Warlock (Merlin) has made for our Clot-Pole King (Arthur Pendragon)
King Arthur Pendragon is such a Cabbage Head!
by UniqueTeen November 24, 2011
A character on Kids in the Hall played by Bruce McCulloch. Instead of hair, he had cabbage leaves. Poor mannered and sexist, always blamed other's bad reactions to him on the fact that he had a cabbage head
Did you see the Cabbage Head sketch? It was hilarious
by momoma October 04, 2006
Another use or name for a mentally challenged individual.
The cabbage head was on its own and quickly became lost.
by M$Money November 03, 2006
An individual who will use or experiment with any kind of drug and worry about the consequences later
You know your mate Eddie Spaghetti, he's tried every drug under the sun, a right cabbage head!
by LoveTheDove November 23, 2010
A resident of the Atlanta, Georgia, neighborhood known as Cabbagetown. This neighborhood was historically inhabited by the workers in the nearby cotton mill. These original cabbage heads were white working-class people from Appalachia. Since the mid-1990s, the neighborhood has been taken over by artists, slackers, and eventually, yuppies.
Those scary people who live on Gaskill Street are real cabbage heads -- their families have been here for decades.
by Dulcinella del Toboso April 26, 2005
Derogatory term for a person of Irish decent.
Those f'in' cabbage heads started a fight in the bar last night.
by Josephus April 12, 2007
The state of waking up slow and hazy after smoking large amounts of pot the night before. Similar to a hang over, but much less painful because pot is not a poison, unlike alcohol. Another example of the sheer stupidity of prohibition.
Dude came over last night with some awesome brownies. We also just had to try my brand new double chamber bong while playing Guitar Hero. Don't make me do any math today, I got a huge cabbage head.
by spazzmonk February 09, 2009
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