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Curtin usually a name that is synonymous with saggy turkey. Also someone who loves saggy turkeys. See saggy turkey
Damn he gave you a good saggy, ohh i mean curtin.

Shut up you curtin
by big saggy February 27, 2008
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A curtin is a object used to cover the sun from getting through windows, or it is also a egotistical douchebag who sucks more dick then a mexican crack whore workin the streets for 10$ a dick. So next time you want to make fun of someone call them a Curtin.
Drape, Blinds, Douchebag, Cunt, Cuntrag, Sandy Vagina, Emo kid, Cutting ones self with his car keys, writing emo love songs, writing more emo love songs about eyes.

Ex.Curtin is a douchebag emo kid.
Ex.Curtin sucks penis
Ex.Curtin LOVES the cock
Ex.Emo kid = Curtin
Ex.Cut myself w/ my car keys = curtin
by Derrico December 20, 2005
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