steve: "dude, just got CSWS!"
roger: "nice!, trying to listen later?"
steve: "fershizzle"
by d.a.hiryak September 30, 2008
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commerciel sex worker
an CSW (commerciel sex worker) works at night
by RickyTK March 12, 2009
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cock sucking whore, a bitch everyone knows is a whore, she knows she's a whore, her parents know she's a whore, but when anyone calls her a "csw" she doesn't know what the hell your talking about.
chick: spencer, your gf is such a csw
spencer: i love csw's;p
by wrapp me in caution tape plz October 27, 2009
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Cultural Suburban Warfare;

cswaht cswwwwwww motherfucker

db3 ft. csw

3175 motherfucker

2 generations

formed in dandy

fuck with one fuck with all

check the statz ;

bzzzzzzzzzzz up
person 1 - ey man db3 ft. csw r here
person 2 - oh shit we outta here
person 3- they already fukd me up once
person 1 - yeah and theyll do it again
by LITTLE BUT LETHAL June 24, 2009
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Chocolate Sistas Wednesday. To appreciate black women and who they are.
1) Megan Good is my csw.

2)hey John who is your csw

3) Nicki Minaj ain't my csw she too much to handle
by kareisha121013_ August 14, 2014
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at first glance they look smart but in reality in their basement they are horny stoner hoes
by hoe17 July 10, 2018
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