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A long-term law enforcement campaign led by the FBI, and, supported by police intelligence units (formerly known as "Red Squads"). COINTELPRO targets are both disliked political, as well as, criminal organizations, and their leadership. COINTELPRO relies heavily on applied behavioral psychology. It seeks to maximize internal factionalization within targeted groups by identifying and exploiting individual member and organizational weaknesses. In Europe, COINTELPRO-style police techniques are known as "political control technologies".
The FBI's COINTELPRO against the modern anti-war movement and the animal rights movement.
by Peacefrog71 June 28, 2012
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The way the domestic military arm of the Federal Government hushed black America, ie. they killed people. FBI program to shut down leftist political organizations.
People that whine and moan about Watergate either haven't heard of COINTELPRO, or they're racist motherfuckers.
by Jammoe August 24, 2007
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