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A long-term law enforcement campaign led by the FBI, and, supported by police intelligence units (formerly known as "Red Squads"). COINTELPRO targets are both disliked political, as well as, criminal organizations, and their leadership. COINTELPRO relies heavily on applied behavioral psychology. It seeks to maximize internal factionalization within targeted groups by identifying and exploiting individual member and organizational weaknesses. In Europe, COINTELPRO-style police techniques are known as "political control technologies".
The FBI's COINTELPRO against the modern anti-war movement and the animal rights movement.
by Peacefrog71 June 28, 2012
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Community mobbing is a form of group bullying. Community mobbing is characterized by a coordinated “ganging up” by a group with several ring leaders, and many more followers that target a person for generalized harassment within their neighborhood or city. It is distinct from workplace mobbing, and academic or school place mobbing because it extends into the larger community in which the target lives. The mobbing activities are conducted by neighbors, community watch groups, or, even snitches when there is police involvement.
The internet is ablaze with terms like organized stalking and organized mobbing, however, the accepted academic term for this is community mobbing.
by Peacefrog71 November 1, 2013
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Brighting, high beaming a target. Mobbing/Crowding a target by swarming them in public. Directed Conversations, conversations strangers have in public relating to the target's personal life. Entrapment, setting the target up on criminal charges. Illegal Entry into the target’s home or car. Illegal Audio/Visual Surveillance/ Bugging of target. Isolation, isolating the target from friends, family, etc., by spreading lies and rumors. Mail and Email Tampering. Mimicking, copying the target’s daily routine by throwing out the garbage at the same time or using the water or bathroom in an adjacent apartment at the same time. Noise Campaigns, slamming doors, loud stereos, car alarms going off in tandem, using power tools at late hours. Psychological Sensitization/Anchoring, getting the target sensitive to everyday stimuli like colors or everyday actions such as following the target in bright red clothing and/or swarming the target’s vehicle with red vehicles continuously until the target develops a phobia to the color red. Slander Campaigns, spreading lies and rumors about the target such as they are a drug dealer, pedophile, etc. Sleep Deprivation, timing noise campaigns at the time the target normally sleeps. Telephone Re-Directs/Wrong Numbers. Theft, stealing from a target. Moving Foot and Vehicular Surveillance Techniques, following the target wherever they go, tracking the target using GPS. Vandalism, breaking windows, slashing tires, dumping garbage on a target’s lawn.
by Peacefrog71 November 21, 2011
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