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City in Northern Jersey. Population around 80,000 half the town is white people.. Buth the other half lay in an are known as B.V.C which holds it down for clifton.. Gangstah blocks and full of Hoes
Yo where can I get some pussy at son?
Hit CLifton playa maad broads up in there word life.
by Streetz February 28, 2004
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1. The most gangsterific place where the ho's live.
2. City on the border of Passaic and Paterson.
Gio: YO, I banged this one girl
Me: Where??
by GEEEEEOOOOOOOO November 15, 2003
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anotha one of da best cities der is. Gangsta to the core!!!! mess wit clifton and your just askin to get shot
guy- man, clifton is full of pussies

(guy gets shot by clifton gangstas)
by omi da homie November 29, 2004
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Clifton is a city in Passaic NJ that is full of home pot heads that are all black. even the white kids there are black. also every person who lives there eats KFC because that is all that there families can afford, since they are all poor and live in boxes and shit. If you go to Clifton and are not "black" you will be burned by high schoolers with lighters. They will probably be smoking pot when they find you, so they will definitely have some sort of fire with them. Dont go there... like.... ever.... if you like living.....
Person from Clifton: y0 dAwg Imma from dAh hoods of clifton NJ!

Regular Person: shut the fuck up you dueche
by .o0O|you know who i am|O0o. December 10, 2010
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