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1. A term used to mutually end the conversation on a topic in dispute because both parties are right in some way and both are too stubborn to give up.

2. Agree too disagree.
Danny: hey jacq there's a charity event at the high school tonight, want to come with me?

Jacq: no

Danny: What... why not?

Jacq: i'm not going back to my stupid high school that wasted 4 years of my precious life :-)

Danny: Its just a building...

Jacq: um...that bulding is symbolic of my feces and my failure
Jacq: so yes
Jacq: haha :-D
Jacq: cats dont eat where they shit ;-)
Jacq: i think you told me that...

Danny: thats the wrong use of the phrase

Jacq: not at all
Jacq: i shat all over that high school

Danny: CIPRO
Danny: CIPRO
Danny: lol

Jacq: ok ok cipro
by Danny Bunny March 12, 2008
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Ciprofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Touted as being safe with relatively few side effects, this is however not the case. Not intended as a first line antibiotic, cipro and other quinolones are handed out like candy for everything from anthrax to sinusitis, and can cause horrific side effects such as tendon rupture and peripheral neuropathy(irreversable nerve damage). Such side effects may occur up to a year after ceasing to take the drug. Became a household name after anthrax attacks on USA. See
After the anthrax attacks, US postal workers were prescribed cipro to prevent infection.
by phrail October 17, 2007
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a motion discomfort/ painkiller pill. if you take too many you won't be able to throw them up ad you'll either have to have your stomach vacuumed or you'll die.
by lauren August 31, 2003
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