An acronym for ‘Concrete Head Man’, used to describe a man with a head that’s as solid as concrete. This is often discovered following a punch to said man’s head.
Pete: fucking ell, I won’t be punching him again, he’s a CHM!
by Glover_YSE February 8, 2019
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Look at Eric Wright over there in that pimped out smart car.... That dude #CHM!

Did you see Bob bought his wife new titays? Yep, he fo sho #CHM
by Adeem III September 7, 2010
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-your bro
-random kid at school
-just a name to call people
A kid walks by you, You say: chmmmmmmmm or chm, the kid: what da fuck
by chmmmmmmm March 30, 2022
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Compiled Html Help, developed by Microsoft. You see a bunch of these files opening up in Windows XP or earlier when you press F1 on your keyboard. Damn, they load slow and make you furious.
The .chm file format is old and poses a security risk. Therefore it is still used in Vista to make the OS behave like older Windows versions.
by Photodeus July 29, 2009
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CHMS is a school in bristol ct its very getto and no one behaves
Person:1 what school do you go to?

Person:2 CHMS

by l0nley_.rosa March 15, 2022
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CHMS is a school in bristol ct and is very getto no one likes it
person:1 what school do you go to?

person:2 CHMS

person:1 BITCH BYE
by l0nley_.rosa March 15, 2022
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Acronym for Clarkson, Hammond and May
robert: yeah bruh ive watched the chm compilation on the youtubes yeah

bob: why the fuck are you talking like that
by breadeater746 March 9, 2023
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