Stands for "cute girls doing cute things". It's a popular anime genre which involves a lot of "moe" and it's usually aimed at older male audience(Seinen).

Well known anime series of this genre are K-On, Nichijou, Azumanga Daioh, Yuru Yuri etc.
Mr. Narutard: I love Naruto, so what kind of anime do you watch?
Mr. Lolicon: CGDCT
*Both walks away*
by Ryushu April 10, 2014
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Anime genre that revolves around female characters who often have very little personality or memorable characteristics besides being supposedly "cute" (even though most of them are pretty much clones of each other.) You can often tell what their one or two - or if you're lucky, three personality traits are by looking at their hair colours, or sometimes their bodies. For example, the girl with the huge titties will often be put at the butt of every joke.

This genre is typically aimed towards 40 year old men who live in their grandma's basement, have moobs that sag into their greasy slacks and never shower. Some of them even poo in socks instead of getting up to use a proper bathroom. These men are said to give off a unique odour of eggy farts and fecal matter, which repels any living woman - or person from wanting to even look at them, so anime are their go-to substitute for human interaction because apparently it's too hard to get up, take a shower and go outside to get some real human interaction.

The creators of these anime are clever and know very well that they can reuse the same cookie cutter tropes and characters over and over, and still manage to lure in these stinky suckers and make lots of money every time via copy-paste merch and body pillows. Ingenious!

Though it is to be noted that there ARE plenty of normal, hygenic and decent people who may find themselves watching these shows sometimes, but they are not typically part of the main demographic.
Person: What's CGDCT Anime?
Person 2: At first glance you think it's something aimed at your little sister, nope the fanbase is made up of creepy men who smell like rotten eggs and fecal matter.
Person: Oh.
by DietCokeCondom6969696 March 23, 2021
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