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An abbreviation for the integral phrase, "Can't be doing that".

Most frequently used when intoxicated, and presented with the idea of doing anything involving movement.
Travis: Yo man, wanna go downtown and watch Circ de Soleil?

David: CBDT, sawn.
by KingZeezer August 23, 2009
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Abbreviation for "Can't Be Doin' That".

Common among students at the University of Maryland, a public state university in College Park, Maryland of over 25,000 undergraduates.
You want to go to the bar after hours? Dude, CBDT.

She wore the most disgusting outfit yesterday. Seriously, CBDT.

Your hair looks like a mop. You cannot go outside looking like this. CBDT.
by CalmDownSadif January 31, 2009
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Continuation in linguistical history of CBDT ("Can't be doin' that"): While it has enjoyed increased popularity at UMCP, its introduction into the University of Maryland colloquialism is thanks to the esteem efforts of University of Maryland, Baltimore County's High Cultural Emissary Sadif. For her work she is likely to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in Literature. It is usually performed in conjunction with a 'Cut that out'-esque motion to emphasize severity of how much you should really not be doing that.
You want to hook up with that Carboneria guitar player? CBDT.
by meetyouatthechurrostand February 01, 2009
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